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Mallorca Wedding

wedding photographerMallorca

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Wedding photographer Mallorca

Wedding film mallorca

We are Marina and Chris, and we would be happy to make your wedding in Mallorca an unforgettable experience. For us, Mallorca is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate a wedding.

As photographers and videographers in Mallorca, we have made the island our second home. We got married in Mallorca ourselves and know from our own experience how wonderful it is to celebrate a wedding in Mallorca.

We love photographing and filming weddings in Mallorca and capturing the beauty of Mallorca in every shot, capturing authentic moments that reflect your love. We understand how important it is to make this special day perfect and as part of your team we will strive to make the wedding unforgettable.

Mallorca is our second home and we have developed an endless love for the island and its beauty. We believe that our experience in Mallorca and our love for the island make us the perfect wedding photographers and videographers to cover your wedding. We know where the best spots are to capture stunning shots and how to capture the beauty of Mallorca in any setting.

Mallorca has so many beautiful places to celebrate your special day and we know the best spots - There are so many different options, from picturesque country houses and historic towns to stunning beaches and beautiful mountains. The island is a true paradise that will make any wedding unforgettable.

Whether you are planning an intimate celebration or a large wedding, we will strive to make every moment unforgettable. The breathtaking scenery, mild climate and warm hospitality of the people make the island a unique place to celebrate your love. We are very happy to live and work in Mallorca and we would be very happy if we could accompany your wedding on the island.

If you choose us to accompany your wedding in Mallorca, you can be sure that we will capture your love in photos and films and make sure that you will cherish these memories forever.




                                                                                   Marina & Chris



Let's create timeless memories

How we work as wedding photographers & wedding filmmakers in Mallorca.

We love weddings that are as individual as you are. Weddings that reflect you as people and are celebrated exactly the way you want them to be. "That's just how it's done..." does not exist with us. 

We like natural and authentic wedding pictures with a lot of attention to detail and that certain "glow". Honest and unposed, we capture YOU and what makes up YOUR love. For us, every wedding is a unique experience that we want to capture with all our senses and hold on to for eternity.

Especially after our own wedding in Mallorca, we became even more aware of which pictures are the ones that have gripped us the most in retrospect and which moments we remember most fondly,

As wedding photographers in Mallorca, we believe that every wedding day is unique and special and that it is our job to capture this uniqueness and beauty in our photos and films. Our philosophy is based on capturing the moments as naturally as possible to tell an authentic and emotional story.

We work discreetly and unobtrusively to ensure we capture the intimate moments that make the day so special. We believe that our job is to create memories that will last a lifetime, and that we can only achieve great results by taking a back seat and documenting the day as it really is.

But most importantly, we want to build a good connection and friendly relationship with you and your company. We believe that this is an important basis for a successful cooperation. We want you to feel comfortable and trust us so that we can capture your wedding the way you want it to be captured. while doing so, we are unobtrusive and relaxed at all times. for us, this is the best way to work - as friends & wedding photographers / videographers and not just as service providers.

We would love to meet you and accompany you on your special day.


We are very excited to hear about your adventures and ideas for your mallorca wedding.

Mallorca Wedding
Hochzeit Mallorca
Hochzeitsfotos Mallorca
Mallorca Hochzeit
Strandhochzeit Mallorca
After Wedding Shooting Mallorca
Emotionen Mallorca
Shooting Mallorca
Fotograf Mallorca
Weddingfilm Mallorca
Hochzeitsfilm Mallorca
Mallorca Wedding
Hochzeitsfilm Mallorca
Tablesetting Mallorca
Hochzeitslocation Mallorca
Heiraten auf Mallorca
Mallorca Wedding
Shooting Mallorca
Heiraten auf Mallorca
Mallorca Wedding
Heiraten Mallorca
Hochzeit feiern Mallorca
Location Mallorca
Mallorca Wedding
Hochzeit Mallorca

Wir fangen als Hochzeitsfotograf auf Mallorca die besonderen Momente ein

Ihr plant aktuell eure Hochzeit auf Mallorca? Wir finden das ist eine großartige Idee. Wir haben selbst auch auf Mallorca geheiratet und wissen daher, wie magisch und besonders eure Hochzeit auf der Insel für euch und eure Liebsten werden wird. Stellt euch vor, ihr könnt diese besonderen Momente immer und immer wieder erleben. Ihr findet euch in Bildern wieder, entdeckt die großen Emotionen in kleinen Momentaufnahmen und schwelgt noch nach Jahren gemeinsam in Erinnerungen.


Jede Hochzeit ist individuell und lebt von der Einzigartigkeit eurer Liebe. Genau diese möchten wir als Hochzeitsfotograf auf Mallorca für euch einfangen und festhalten. Freut euch gemeinsam mit uns auf unvergessliche Momente, Bilder, die eurer Liebe gerecht werden und Videos, mit denen ihr diesen Tag noch einmal erleben könnt.

Uns liegt ein freundschaftliches Verhältnis am Herzen

Wenn ihr uns euer Vertrauen als Hochzeitsfotograf auf Mallorca schenkt, möchten wir euch Erinnerungen schaffen, die ihr liebt. Unsere Philosophie basiert darauf, dass wir die Momente so natürlich wie möglich einfangen, um eine authentische und emotionale Geschichte zu erzählen. Dafür ist es uns sehr wichtig mit euch und eurer Gesellschaft eine gute Verbindung und ein freundschaftliches Verhältnis aufzubauen. Wir glauben, dass dies eine wichtige Grundlage für eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit ist. Wir möchten, dass ihr euch wohlfühlt und uns vertraut, damit wir eure Hochzeit so einfangen können, wie ihr es euch wünscht. Dabei sind wir jederzeit unaufdringlich und entspannt. Für uns die beste Art zu arbeiten - als Freunde & Hochzeitsfoto- / videografen und nicht nur als Dienstleister.

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