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We love weddings that are as individual as you are. Weddings that reflect you as people and are celebrated exactly the way you want them to be. "That's just how it's done..." does not exist with us. 

We like natural and authentic wedding pictures with a lot of attention to detail and that certain "glow". Honest and unposed, we capture YOU and what makes up YOUR love. For us, every wedding is a unique experience that we want to capture with all our senses and hold on to for eternity.


Especially after our own wedding, we became even more aware of which pictures are the ones that grabbed us the most in retrospect and which moments we remember most fondly,


As wedding photographers, we believe that every wedding day is unique and special and that it is our job to capture that uniqueness and beauty in our photos and films. Our philosophy is based on capturing moments as naturally as possible to tell an authentic and emotional story.

We work discreetly and unobtrusively to ensure we capture the intimate moments that make the day so special. We believe that our job is to create memories that will last a lifetime, and that we can only achieve great results by taking a back seat and documenting the day as it really is.

But most importantly, we want to build a good connection and friendly relationship with you and your company. We believe that this is an important basis for a successful cooperation. We want you to feel comfortable and trust us so that we can capture your wedding the way you want it to be. while doing so, we are unobtrusive and relaxed at all times. for us, this is the best way to work - as friends & wedding photographers / videographers and not just as service providers.

Whether a wedding ceremony for two, a small intimate wedding or a big party.


We would love to meet you and accompany you on your special day. We are very excited to hear about your adventures and ideas.


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