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Frequently asked Questions

How many pictures do we get from our wedding?

That depends on the length and scope of your wedding.  On average you can count on about 60-100 pictures per hour of photography.

Are you only available in Germany?

We take photos and film wherever there is a wedding! Whether in Germany or abroad - no distance is too far for us. Feel free to write us your plans, wishes and ideas - we are very excited!

Do you always work together at weddings?

Yes, we always cover weddings as a team. The advantage of this is that we can capture different perspectives in the same situation: during the getting ready Marina is with the bride while Chris is with the groom and welcoming the guests. During the most important moments of the ceremony, we can capture both your emotions and those of your guests. This gives us the assurance that no important detail or moment will be missed. For videography of your wedding, one of us will focus more on videography and the other on photography.

Are all images edited?

Yes, all selected images will be edited in our edit / color style.

How do we receive our pictures and film after the wedding?

Your photos will be made available in a password-protected online gallery that you can share with your family and friends. In the case of all-day reports, you will also receive a USB stick and some premium prints of your images in a high-quality box, which we will send to you by post.

When will we receive the finished pictures and the film of the wedding?

We always try to process the photos and videos in a timely manner. Already 2-3 days after the wedding you will get a preview of about 15 pictures. As a rule, the finished, edited pictures are available to you no later than 6 weeks after your wedding and the finished highlight film no later than 9 weeks.

What decides whether an image get delivered in black and white?

We love B&W images and apply the look to about 20% of the images.

If an image e.g. is very restless or the lighting situation was difficult, the image is only available in shades of grey.

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